The Effectiveness Of The Motor Rhythm Program In The Development Of Non- Verbal Communication Skills In Autistic Children With High- Level Functional Performance

  • Rania Mohamed Ali Kassem Professor Assistant Faculty of Early childhood Education Fayoum University


Autism disorder is a comprehensive developmental disorder that is still surrounded by a lot of ambiguity in all its aspects. Despite the many difficulties that the child suffers from, and the severe deficiencies in many areas of skills and behavior.

As a result, they need psychological intervention to improve their skills especially in communication skills with others. The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of the motor rhythm program in developing the non- communication skills of autistic children with high–level functional performance which the researcher prepared. The sample of the study consisted of (8) children with high- level functional performance (6)girls and 2 (boys) (4- 6 years).

The result showed that the motor rhythm program significantly improves the non- communication skills of those children. The discussion focused on the importance of a motor rhythm program to improve non- communication skills on them.