Journal of Childhood & Education 

Issued by,

Faculty of Education for Early childhood

A scientific, periodical, refereed & quarterly journal

Specialized in publishing studies & researches in different areas of knowledge

"Psychological, educational, social and health sciences"


Brief history:

            The Journal of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood - Alexandria University was published under the title "Childhood and Education" in October 2009 . The magazine is published in four issues annually in January, April, July, and October). The magazine is concerned with publishing researches and studies in the fields of knowledge, psychological, educational, social, and health sciences. The magazine also aspires to be a centre for outstanding research and scientific center in research, childhood studies and education to meet the interests of many researchers in all educational, basic and academic fields to keep pace with global levels in all of its programs through quality and accreditation standards. The Journal also seeks to prepare distinguished highly efficient specialists through preparing specific and educational researches. It prepares them in a comprehensive and integrated manner through educational programs that achieve sustainable comprehensive development for them to acquire high degree of awareness and culture in the field of childhood studies. The mission of the faculty magazine extends to include the role of researchers towards adapting the results of scientific research to problems and areas of community service in light of national and international standards.


The journal objectives:

            The Journal of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood "Childhood and Education" is a scientific refereed journal is issued by  the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood - Alexandria University. The main objective of the journal is improving scientific research in the fields of education, arts and sciences. The journal also aims to develop communication and scientific development among researchers and those interested in educational and scientific studies. The journal seeks scientific sobriety and methodological accuracy according to the methods of scientific research and its basic steps. It encourages serious objective criticism and distinguished scientific and literary creativity. The basic framework for all of this is conducted through the ethics of scientific research.



Journal publishing rules

       The researches and articles submitted for publication are subject to examination and arbitration by distinguished professors in the various specialized fields. It is also subject to careful review in terms of following the principles of writing scientific reports. The journal management is pleased to announce the publishing rules that will be applied with precision, which means addressing the researchers who want to publish their research and articles in this journal to ensure that their production meets these rules in both form and content, in order to avoid rejecting the research or returning it to conduct more amendments.

  1. The research or studies submitted to the journal should be original and involve the journal publishing fields. They should adhere to the methodology of scientific research and its recognized. They should not have previously been published in any other scientific body.
  2. The researcher presents a letter stating that the research was not previously published and that it is not derived from his master’s, doctorate thesis or published book. It will be not submitted for publication to other parties at the same time, until the completion of the arbitration procedures.
  3. The research is to be printed on the computer with a double space between the lines, and a margin of not less than three centimeters from all sides of the page. The average of words on one line is eight (8) words and the number of lines per page is (20) twenty lines, on paper size A4. The research pages or article submitted should not exceed (30) thirty pages, including tables, figures, references and appendices.
  4. A summary of the research must be submitted in Arabic with a maximum of (175) words and another in English language within (200) words. Each summary is to be written on a separate page, provided that it contains the title of the research without mentioning the names or data of researchers.
  5. The first page of the research must contain the title of the research, the name of the researcher or researchers, the destination of work, the address, phone number, fax number or email (if any). To ensure the full confidentiality of the arbitration process, the name of the researcher or researchers should not be mentioned in the body of the search or any references that may reveal their identity. Any expressions of thanks addressed from the researcher to the arbitrators or others who contributed to the development of the research can be mentioned in a separate paper.
  6. Researches or studies are presented with abstracts and appendices in three copies subject to scientific arbitration by specialized professors to determine whether they are suitable for publication.
  7. The researcher should attach the required sum of money with the research materials or article to be published as specified in the publishing rules.
  8. Researches or articles are not to be sent to arbitration unless they successfully pass the initially reviewed writing style.
  9. If the research or article does not pass the preliminary review phase of "writing style", a copy of the research or article is sent to the researcher accompanied by a letter to make the necessary adjustments in strict accordance with the rules of writing the research report or the following article, while adhering to its consistency with the APA guide. The researcher is required to pay the mail cost for returning the modified version to the journal.
  10. When the research or article passes the stage of review and arbitration, the journal’s administration sends an acceptance of publication letter to the researcher dated by the arrival of the last reports of the arbitrators. In case that the research or article is not accepted for publication by the arbitration board, the journal administration sends an apology letter for not publishing the research or article attached with the two copies that were subject to arbitration. Only the editor-in-chief has the right to refuse or accept any research or article after making the required amendments after consulting the editorial consultants.
  11. After the researcher fulfills the required modifications and the revised research or article reaches the journal management, the research or article is included in the waiting list for the materials accepted for publication in preparation for the printing process.
  12. When the issue that includes the research or article is published the journal sends (10) Off Prints- to the researcher without assigning it to its expenses attached with a free copy of the issue that includes the research or article. The researcher pays the cost of any additional off prints or journal issues- that he may need- based on a letter Publication, signed and directed, to the journal management.
  13. The journal welcomes the publishing of reviews and offers of Arab and foreign books, literature, as well as summaries of the granted master's and doctoral theses issued during the three years preceding the publication of the issue of the journal it is supposed to be published in. The size of the review or presentation does not exceed five pages of A4 size, taking into account all the conditions and rules for publication in the magazine.
  14. Everything that is published in the journal may not be published in any way or anywhere without the written permission of the editor-in-chief. However, brief summaries or quotations may be published provided that the journal is referred to as the original source of reference.
  15. Researches or studies shall be sent in the name of the editor-in-chief of the journal or the managing editor.
  16. Researches or studies provided should be written by the computer, in font 14 Arabic or another foreign language, in addition to three copies. The research does not exceed (30) pages of Foscap, where excess number of (30) pages cost five pounds per page for Egyptians researchers, and five dollars for foreign researchers . A copy of the research should be attached on CD.
  17. The journal welcomes the publication of studies and articles of professors with the same cost of publishing the research in the journal without the cost of arbitration stated in the conditions and rules of publication.
  18. The ideas expressed in the journal are the opinions of their authors, and do not necessarily express the opinion of the journal.
  19. The researches or studies are arranged in the magazine according to special organizational considerations and not related to the position of the researcher and research.
  20. Research is published in the journal according to the priority of its arrival.
  21. The journal is not obligated to return researches or studies that are neither published nor accepted for published.
  22. The journal administration will gift a copy of each issue of the journal to all colleges and faculties in Egyptian and Arab universities.
  23. The editor-in-chief of the journal may publish a research without cost to any researcher participating in any part of the journal’s preparation.

Research publication fees

Publication fees for researchers who wish to publish their research in the journal are as follows:

 1900 pounds of which (400 pounds is the cost for a single search arbitration) for the research of  30 pages or less in addition to ten pounds per page if the search exceeds 30 pages for Egyptian researchers of faculty members or from other faculties.

 400 dollars for a  30 pages research  or less for non-Egyptians "foreigners" and Egyptians working abroad, in addition to ten (10) dollars per page if the research exceeds 30 pages.

Rules for subscribing to the scientific journal:

For those wishing to obtain the journal inside A.R.E and outside it, for individuals and organizations in accordance with the following decisions and rules:

  1. The value of subscribing to the Journal of Childhood and Education for Egyptian individuals (inside Egypt) fifty pounds for one copy, one hundred and twenty pounds for annual subscription, and forty pounds are added to the postage costs inside Egypt.
  2. The value of the annual subscription to the Childhood and Education Magazine for Organizations and Institutions (inside Egypt) is one hundred and twenty pounds.
  3. The value of the subscription for individuals (outside Egypt) is fifty dollars for one copy, one hundred and twenty dollars annually, and eighty dollars will be added as postage costs if it is sent outside Egypt.
  4. The value of the annual subscription in the scientific journal for organizations and institutions (outside Egypt) is one hundred and twenty dollars, and eighty dollars will be added as postage costs if it is sent outside Egypt.
  5. The value of the subscription must be paid by a check payable in the name of the Journal of Childhood and Education - Faculty of Education for Early Childhood - Alexandria University, and sent to the address of the Faculty of Education for Early Childhood - Alexandria University - 12A Mohamed Amin Street - Mostafa Kamel - Alexandria - Egypt.